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Hello December

The 12th Month of 2019 is here!


It’s December, as in December of the year 2019! This year that started just yesterday oh!

You know the way this year sped, we can wake up tomorrow and be in 2020 just like that, 2019 is packing up fast and I do feel like 2019 went from January 1st to March, July, September and now to December. 

Let’s talk about this year, It was an eventful ride powered by vibranium I guess. As a team, there are adjectives to describe the year 2019. I do know that 2019 was a beautiful year individually and collectively as a team. 

Before we talk about our own year at the Roothub, Let’s talk about yours first!

Did you achieve any of the goals you wrote on your new year resolutions card?

Did you learn something new?

Did you learn from your past mistakes?

Did you do more in 2019 than in 2018?

Well, whether the year was good or just there, We hope you truly lived and grew!

Now, Can we start telling you about the year at the Roothub? Without permission, we will tell you about the tiny sweet details.

Hold on! Before we get into serious business, Some of us got caught up with the marriage bug of 2019! Yes, Our Programs lead Imelda Onuk now Imelda Edet got hooked to the love of her life on 19th October 2019 and we all came out to celebrate Love. Well, especially we the members of God When Ministries. That’s about that!

A lot happened for us at the Roothub this year. 

We deliberately initiated our theme for the year “Go Forward”  to onboard and engage more individuals with great ideas. There’s no better time to look back at the highlights of the year in community engagement, events, partnerships, team building, projects, products and also challenges.

We pledged to be the platform of choice to foster entrepreneurial development. We took the plunge and have made remarkable breakthroughs in one year. 

A year ago, The Roothub won the Google Impact Challenge for the Tech 101 project and guess what? The Project surpassed the 10,000 trainees target. The Project was designed to equip young people in the Niger Delta region with digital skills starting from Akwa Ibom state with its sole aim of curbing unemployment faced by Niger Delta youths.


Heard of TRAX,FLOX, and NGAGE? 

Let’s break it down quickly, shall we? The Roothub defined who we are as a company, community and how different we are as a creative, business and an entrepreneurial hub, we sought to create meaningful and exciting solutions in a collaborative and fun environment. We did this by introducing three (3) different world-class products tailored for our different target markets so the Roothub as a company could focus on delivering great continuous value to our community, clients, and team.

Let me quickly introduce you to TRAX, Remember one of our goals for the year was to be the platform of choice while grooming talent pool. We therefore officially launched TRAX; An event support company created to execute flawless events with an emphasis on creativity and quality output through services like event activation, media coverage, event production, and interactive installations.

Now you know about TRAX and you are there thinking “ Which one is Flox again”. 

Well, FLOX is a  strategic platform that helps you relate with your audience as it’s not enough to have a presence on social media but leverage on the platforms to reach your target audience with a budget.

What about NGAGE ? After the Google Impact Challenge award, Ngage was the answer to the big question of What’s Next on how we can engage those we’ve trained through Tech101. Ngage was an excellent summary and solution to the immediate unemployment problem as this was an e-learning platform that seeks to provide continuous training to source and provide jobs for the trained.

We sure did kill it this year at the HQ as our annual creative, business and technology festival held Uyo spellbound, If you missed out on it, pele oooo.

Not only was the festival successful, but we also introduced MBRE to our community. The first edition of the monthly cozy evening of book readings, spoken word, drama, live music, storytelling, live art & displays and lots more held at the Roothub was a beautiful experience and one we can’t forget soon.

Before I leave you, Let me remind you that Startup half-hour airs every Friday, the 30mins radio show for entrepreneurs on XLFM106.9 every Friday that reaches out to entrepreneurs in the 31 local government areas in Akwa Ibom State, Abia state and Calabar. The program which has been on the air since April has garnered positive reviews from listeners as well as guests. We do hope you’ve been listening because 2020 will come with lots of surprises for the show’s listeners.

2019 is not over yet and we sincerely hope the year gets better for you and yours, You achieve a few of those goals on your New year resolution. 

Do not forget how much you’ve achieved because this alone lets you see the lessons in the mistakes you’ve made so you can learn and plan ahead!

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