The Roothub is a platform for ideas to thrive, connected by technology.

Our Core Focus

Talent Pipeline

We are on a mission to close the digital skills gap through trainings and capacity development with the goal of Job placement in in-demand jobs. We offer flexible training programmes designed to earn job-ready skills in high-growth career fields- No relevant experience or degree required.

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Projects Management

Building your next brilliant idea shouldn't be difficult. Our experienced Website & App developers, Visual designers, Project managers, Data analysts, & Digital marketers are ready to take on any project.

Workspace Solutions

The future of work is gradually changing and we offer options to businesses of all sizes- Freelancers to Small & Medium entities by providing work and meeting spaces that brings creatives together, and ensures productivity and efficiency.

Our Mission

01To promote technology as the major driving force to accessing economic opportunities and foster a culture of collaboration,

02To incubate, accelerate and support amazing ideas to achieve growth,

03Actively impact on the youths of Africa by imparting the much needed technology skills, empowering them in today’s digital world and helping them access employment, advance career paths, and drive self-reliance through entrepreneurship.


High performance team.
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I started with little or no knowledge about coding or graphic design, now I have improved by over 50% & in touch with my creative side. I get to express myself, learn comfortably, and be part of a cool family.

Princess Ariyibi

Our awesome team

Teda Mosty

Certified Life Coach

Robin Schratsky

Business Coach

Marsha Eriksen

Certified Life Coach

Barney Stinson

Business Coach

Lent Aldrin

Business CEO Coach

Tracy McConnell

Business Coach

Anna Harper

Product Design Coach

Grace Etiah

Digital Marketing

Our Activities

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