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Uyo Mini Bus illustration by James Moses

Design is Life : Two Weeks Design Challenge with The Roothub Design team

People are addicted to stories,Storytelling is an ancient craft; its power is timeless because good stories will always captivate audiences.

So how do you tell your story?

As a designer, it is your job to make sure that story is clear. The design story should fall in line with the story of the company, brand, website, game, bottled drink or whatever you are working with. Telling a story is important to create a lasting impression and make your “thing” more memorable than all the others out there.

The design team at The RootHub are on a 2 weeks drill on Brand and Product Design( Visual Communication)

The class led by Francis Onuk was a chance for the designers to learn, unlearn and relearn accompanied with daily tasks and projects.

The first task was to design a minimalist flier for a fictitious beverage product.

Second Design task: A minimalist design; with a phrase that represents the Roothub

3rd task: Typography and illustration only

Fourth Task: Vectorize iconic structures that says “Welcome to UYO” and also create post stamps, stickers, postcards and a poster.

Ogoluwa Ojewale chose Godswill Akpabio International Stadium (Nest of Champions)!

James Moses chose the popular Uyo Mini Bus.

Daniel Umoren David Chose to design a man playing the obodom drum, then creating a post stamp, sticker, a poster and post card.

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