Learning digital skills

If you ask few people what they would do right if they have a chance to go time travel back to 2019, you’ll probably hear things like “learn new skills”.
Here’s an opportunity for you to make the second half of the year 2020 worthwhile, You have a chance to learn in demand skills with us.
There’s always something new to learn and room to expand your knowledge. But where do you begin? Right here, with these top skills.
N:B : No age limit.

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Learning Digital Skill

Workers, Students, Business Owners – Get new skills for a digital world.
Grow your career or business at your own pace, with flexible and personalized training courses designed to build your confidence and help you thrive.
– Discover tools to make your business succeed
– Improve your interview skills
– Prepare for the career you want.
Call: 08092427901 or visit
Don’t be left behind or lose your job!

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Learning High Income Skills

How does it sound having a high income skill?
People, organisations are constantly looking out for people with the right skillset for the future of work.
Learn new skills or sharpen already existing skills.
If you are looking for a expertly curated courses in graphics design and web development.
Join the smart set of individuals that will be cashing out now and in the future.
Sign up for our physical classes and virtual classes if you think distance will come to play.
Classes start 22nd June,2020
To register, call or whatsapp 08092427901 or fill this form

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Digital Identity: Paradigm Initiative in collaboration with The Roothub hosts National Identity Management Commission(NIMC) for a one day Stakeholders Engagement Session.

The need for inclusion cannot be overemphasized if there’s no digital inclusion there’s a chance that many individuals and communities will be overlooked and excluded. These population will not only be missing out on the potential benefits of ICT but will also not be engaged in decisions related to digital initiatives within communities.

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