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World Youth Skills Day 2019


It’s paramount to remind us that the answer to skill is being young and ready!, The Labour market is fast changing and this should challenge you to keep pace with the changes!, Stand still and fall behind! ?, These skills are not free and come at a cost!. Obtaining a new skill or improving your knowledge and understanding of something does not have to be restricted to formal training or working with others. It could be self learning. Start from learning something new everyday!

World Youth Skills Day 2109

These days, the marketplace is so competitive that downsizing is becoming more and more common. Well, in reality, you shouldn’t be surprised. If you really want to know the odds, then 6 out of 10 business will go bust in the first 10 years. Of course, there will be downsizing along the way. So, what has this got to do with continue learning?
Again, look at the situation from a different perspective. Specifically, put yourself in your employers shoes. If its inevitable that you need to lay off some people, then who are you going to lay off? The ones with better education and better skills or helps a lot in the company, or the ones that do the menial work?

It’s no brainer that people who do the menial work will get the axe sooner than people with higher education. This translates that continuing your education gives you a better job security. But, the benefits doesn’t end there. Once you have finished a certain credit or degree that will stay with you in the future which also makes you a good candidate for some other employer looking for your skill sets, experience, and educational attainment.

Often a persons interests extend beyond the job they do on a daily basis. Pursuing extracurricular interests can lead to insight and developments that open the door to new, future opportunities.
Staying current in the trends and advances of ones profession can help an employee stay marketable in their profession should anything change in their jobs.


From interactions with lots of young persons, they usually give excuses why they can’t learn tech skills. Most times as a result of living in a hard country like Naija, you will likely hear stuffs like- “Coding is hard”, “design is for creative people”, “I am not cutout for solving problems”, “I don’t have a device”, “There is no light at home”, “My parents say I should leave computer alone and read my books in school”…

That being said, learn new skills that extends your interest beyond the job you do on a daily basis at The Roothub, IBB Avenue, Uyo. Or call 07035378680.
Learn a skill today to change your self and your community.
Meanwhile for the parents who are wondering what their children or wards can learn this coming holiday, look no further! The Kids Holiday BootCamp will expose them to 3D Printing(they get to conceptualize ideas, design them and produce them using plastic filaments as seen in the last three pics) , Game Development, Coding, Graphics design and lots more. Empower them for the future!.

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Daniel Umoren
Daniel Umoren

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