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The Roothub live in Lead City University, Ibadan - TRH

Ibadan we are live roothub,

IBADAN, WE ARE LIVE!!! The Roothub HQ is excited to announce its physical hub in Ibadan Nigeria located within Lead City University. The vision of the University is to be a center of excellence, a unique, urban-based University, specializing in Social Sciences, Law, Applied Sciences, Information, and Communication Technology.

This innovation hub spearheaded by the Executive Director/Director of Entrepreneurship, Ephraim Essien seeks to bridge the digital skills gap amongst students and the academic community & also be a space where ideas are worked on. Dayo Nifise who is the Ibadan Operations Officer believes that the space will be a mix of learning and innovation which will prepare young persons for greater exploits.

For more inquiries please call Ephraim on 0813 386 2105 or Dayo on 0903 038 4555



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