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TRIP: The Roothub Internship Program - TRH

Roothub internship program TRIP

Hello Techies, How una dey today?

I just wan remind una say The Roothub Internship Program still dey open for applications. You no wan miss this opportunity. Come join us!

Click to Apply Now, time no dey again o.

The RootHub Internship Program (TRIP) is ready to go live!

What started as a feedback input from our trainees, where Companies who wanted to hire newly skilled talents required Work Experience, has become a Pan-African career readiness program.

TRIP: The Roothub Internship Program seeks to improve the pipeline of experienced and sought-after talent on the African continent by providing real-life projects to build relevant experience & skills footprints. The program seeks to connect talent trained by Roothub Development Programs, and Google’s Certificate program in order to create opportunities to gain valuable experience under the guidance of experienced mentors.

I am excited about this project and look forward to the impact it would yield.

This is powered by Google Coursera as part of the learner engagement pathway.

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TRIP the roothub internship program

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