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The Future of Work

The Future of Work
How prepared are organizational leaders for a ‘Future of Work’ that only a few can define?

How prepared are job seekers for the ‘Future of Work’ that will not stem from talent and academic excellence, but thrive on creativity and innovation?

What skills are relevant and necessary for the jobs of the future?

What are the disruptions that’ll be accompanied with this change?

What are the key determinant factors and non-negotiable indicators that’ll differentiate the capabilities, excellence and market dominance of organizations and firms?

Work: What will the future of work look like?

The ‘Future of Work’ is on constantly rapid evolution, with prevalent changes that will definitely influence ‘How We Work, Where We Work and The Skills We Need to Work’.

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Comparing and contrasting work structures in the past, present, and future; it has been realized that these changing models for work, work structure and necessities will greatly influence the way work will be done and how employees will be managed and retained in the nearest future

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However, major changes in the nearest ‘Future of Work’ will be co-working experiences, remote working, and limited physical offices, which will foster and enhance:
• Financial/ income management
• Networking and collaboration
• Exposure to general lifestyle and diversifying
• Improvement in quality of life
• Flexibility in meetings and reports
• Health and travel benefits
• Increased productivity amongst others.
What to look out for:
• Automation and Technology- the digital revolution where machines will be replacing human tasks and jobs.
• Demographics- the younger generation involved in different sectors, leading them to become world game changers and global leaders.
• Skill- the competition and capacity inclination which only the exceptional, multi-skilled, highly skilled and talented individuals will be carefully selected.
• Urbanization- the call for investors to take up opportunities for road construction, provision of power supply, schools, hospitals and markets construction, provision of digital education and equipped technological facilities for advancement.
• Business trends- the change of interest in business types and methodology.

As calls for action are made to productively stay relevant despite the competition, individuals are expected to get sensitized and sensitize others on the ‘Future of Work’. Team members from the Roothub, on the 1st of May 2019 – were out to create awareness on the “Future of Work”.

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Ogoluwa Ojewale

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