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SMW 2019 South-South Stories

During this year’s Social Media Week Lagos, the attendees during the SMW South-South Stories session had an interactive time out with the speakers. Success stories were shared and a platform was given to make inputs on how residents in the South-South can explore opportunities and innovations in the South. Participants were encouraged to align with Sister communities, stay active and visible on social media and finally encourage and empower others to take responsibility and make a change.

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The south-south states in Nigeria, comprising of: Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Rivers, Delta, Bayelsa, Ondo, Abia, Imo and Edo state, are a people blessed in divers ways. Despite the differences in their various cultures and traditions, they still appear the same, of which most times, only language can divide them.

Stories from the South South

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These resourceful states, blessed with different occupations such as: fishing, farming, palm wine tapping, trading, carving and weaving, amazingly has the highest number of resident youths in the country, who are all striving, struggling and ‘hustling’ to make a living out of something, notwithstanding the poor rate of unemployment in the country. These smart, intelligent and money conscious youths are in dire need of opportunities to explore, present, and make a living with the skills they have.


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It is saddening to know that most Nigerian graduates are jobless. In order not to remain idle or dependent on others, a large number of youths have decided to take their future in their hands irrespective of what they studied in school through entrepreneurship, while a few others turn to illegal businesses only to get bills paid.

However, there are thousands of untapped resources and undiscovered opportunities to explore in the south south. Why wait for the government while private firms are job providers? You could be a CEO and an employer of labour. How? Quite a number of successful persons run a private firm.
In a bid to shine light on the effort of positive minded youths, guest speakers and attendees were gathered at the landmark event center in Lagos, on the 4th-8th of February, 2019 for the annual Social Media Week, to discuss, elaborate and debate on the theme: Exploring Innovations and Opportunities in the South South of Nigeria.

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The Roothub- a company based in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state shared stories from the south south, in a panel session during SMW. The highlight of this event will include; testimonies from successful persons in the South South, stories on successful business owners in the south south, exploring innovation and opportunities in the South South.

The guest speakers for the Roothub panel session were: Tony Onuk(Moderator), Enwongo Cleopas-Akwa, Ized Uanikhehi, Aniebiet Francis, Damilola Morenikeji and Hanotu Weli.

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