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Science Really Has No Gender

It’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2019 and lots of questions seem to be popping up:

Is Science gender biased?

Science really has no gender.
In the south south of Nigeria, most women and girls are not science inclined,
but despite this, there’s been progress in the interest rate over the past years.

Family, culture and society have groomed and inculcated limitations on what the girl child
can and cannot do; of which Science is not a ‘cannot’.

In families, where statements such as:
“don’t touch the nail…the boy should call the mechanic…
tell your brother to change the bulb…go do the dishes…help your mum out in the kitchen…”
are all phrases that could disseminate and register a biased thought in the mind of the girl child.

The mentality of families and individuals in society, regarding women and girls in STEM should change.

Are we in pursuit of culture?
Yes, but our culture has been revised and updated.

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Start the campaigns in houses and communities to encourage and support women interested in STEM.
Charity begins at home.
Science has come to stay.
Get updated! Stay updated!
STEM is for all, irrespective of gender.

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Ogoluwa Ojewale

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