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Quickfire: How Roothub is Inspiring the Tech Space in Africa. - TRH

Roothub inspiring African Tech.

Two brothers, Tony and Francis are the brains behind the biggest Creative Hub in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, South South – Nigeria. They call the creative hub, the RootHub. In an interview that lasted for a little over an hour with our Senior Content Editor, Endiong John, Tony explains why they prefer to be described as a Creative Hub instead of a Tech Hub that the majority perceive them to be. He also shares the success story of how the Roothub is inspiring the tech space in Africa.

I’m happy to meet you, Mr Onuk. Now is the time to let our readers meet you.

Mr. Onuk: My name is Tony Onuk and I am the cofounder of RootHub.

Great! What’s RootHub about and what happens here?

Mr. Onuk: So what we basically do here is, we allow young people to come in and when they come in, we guide them towards creating a career path in ICT. Now, as you know, the world is going digital so everything that you are doing must be digital.

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