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Women of the Roothub Xtraordinary (WORX) is a community of proactive females from different fields of professionalism working together to celebrate and foster the development of women in start ups and business.
Women of
the Roothub Xtraordinary (WORX) .

Women of The Roothub Xtraordinary (WORX)is out to educate females on the need to embrace technology.
We are changing the narrative!
Tech is not that challenging as some women think, hence the reason they shy away and feel it’s meant for men.
Tech is what everyone “MUST” embrace. If you fail to, you will be replaced and once this happens, you lose relevance.

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roothub tech
Google Career
Certificates Scholarship.

Google Career Certificates Scholarship by The Roothub is accepting applications for 2023. Gain the job-ready skills you need to launch your career in Data Analytics, Digital Marketing & E-commerce, IT Support, Project Management, UX Design, and Cybersecurity for FREE.

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roothub training

Register to learn in-demand and job-ready skills to get a job, advance your career, or start/grow your business, at The Roothub.

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tech 101 main
Tech 101

TECH101 is a four-week intensive training on web development, graphics design, digital marketing and programming organised by The Roothub specifically targeting young school leavers, undergraduates and young unemployed persons among many others. The idea is to equip this demographic with a ‘starter pack’ of skills that are relevant not only in today’s employment market but are also self sufficient and can further foster independence instead of an over reliance on governments and hand me downs. To create a foundation from which they can build on and educate themselves.

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Half Hour.

A tech and business radio show/Blog for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs to inspire, motivate & teaching business owners or those thinking of starting. From Ibom Plaza to global game changers, hear how they did it, what they did right & wrong, and why they are so passionate about their business.

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