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October 17, 2022


The Roothub Internship Program (TRIP) – Create a verified talent pipeline, where organizations can source job-ready talents. Equipping entry level candidates with workforce development to thrive...

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    Google Career Certification Program

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June 3, 2019

Google Career Certificates Program

Education and technology are keys to opportunity, but so are equity and access. To support access to the Google Career Certificates, we’ve partnered with to deliver...

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June 3, 2019


We’ve created unique workspaces across the wide existing spectrum of needs. From freelancers, to startups, there is a solution for every client.

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June 3, 2019


Women of the Roothub Xtraordinary (WORX) is a community of proactive females from different fields of professionals working together to celebrate and foster the development of...

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Roothub Gide App

Learning on the go! Learn anywhere with The Roothub Learn App. Learn hands-on, job-relevant, & in-demand skills taught by vetted experts from The Roothub. Discover engaging Course...

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