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I came across a story of someone who narrowly escaped death because of an act of forgetfulness and it reminded me of a similar encounter that someone shared with me a few years back, 

On this particular day, he left his house in Lagos for the bus park and he was heading to Ibadan for a family engagement. 

He had barely spent a few minutes inside the bus when he realized that he didn’t leave home with his pair of spectacles. 

According to him, at that time, reading or doing anything strenuous with his eyes without the spectacles was a difficult situation so he couldn’t continue with the trip without it. 

Heading home on a motorcycle and returning to the park was like 15 minutes in total, so he dashed back home with the hope that he will meet the same bus when he returns, otherwise, he will have to join another bus which might take longer. 

Anyone who is familiar with bus parks knows that reserving a seat for yourself is like an impossible mission but he still kept his hope alive.  

He got back home and what seemed like a 15-minute trip became 40 minutes because his pair of spectacles was nowhere to be found. He searched almost everywhere possible and nothing like it was in sight until he found it in his study. 

He rushed back to the park to join the bus he left, but your guess is as good as right; the bus had left. 

He was the first passenger on the next bus and he really felt pissed at himself for the amount of time he has wasted going to and fro. He had no choice but to just be patient for passengers to show up so he could continue his trip.

The bus got filled after a while and they took off. 30 minutes into the journey, they saw an accident scene ahead. Alas! It was the bus he missed. Every other person on the bus he was felt pained by the accident but they didn’t understand why his own situation was more of a shock than pain.

He felt he could have been a victim if he didn’t forget that pair of spectacle or if he found it early enough. Tears rolled down his face because he just saw himself escaping something fatal by chance. 

Sometimes, when it’s beyond what you can control, it’s just better to let go and not beat yourself because of it. You never can tell what God is trying to keep you from.

Am I saying God is happy that some other people fell victim? No! But I believe so much that He will always keep who he wants to keep.

When things don’t work out as planned and you have done everything within your power, the best is to take a chill pill and let things be. 

It could be God working out something entirely different for you!

Stay focused and grateful.

This content is written by Olumide Abimbola

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