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One truth that’s difficult for many ladies to admit is that “Sex can’t keep a man.”

I met a lady on the island a few years back;  Hardworking, highly intelligent, and with flawless beauty. She’s the type of lady most men will like to have a relationship with or get married to.

In no time, we became very close. We were so close that we talked about life issues, business, family, and relationships.

At the time I met her, she was a Corp member, so her colleagues usually pay her visits.

She was invited to a birthday party by one of her friends who lived on the mainland, so she called me that she will be coming to the mainland and will like me to accompany her to the party.

Fortunately, it was on a weekend and I was available. I obliged and got dressed to meet with her at the agreed location.

On getting to where we agreed to meet,  I called her to know where exactly she was waiting because I expected her to get there before me, but unfortunately, she was nowhere in sight.

So I decided to sit and wait for her at the canteen by the roadside, not far from the meeting point. As I waited for her, I didn’t stop calling but she didn’t pick up.

I became worried but there was nothing I could do at that time. So I left the canteen and went back to my house.

I called her again immediately after I got home to know what has gone wrong but she didn’t pick up. I called again in the evening same thing. So I stopped calling.

The next day, it was her call that woke me up. Before I could say, Jack, she pleaded with me about the situation and explained to me why she couldn’t meet up as planned.

She narrated to me how her best friend who was also a Corp member slumped when she found out her boyfriend slept with another lady, a few minutes after she left her boyfriend’s house, for the same birthday party my friend invited me for.

She told me her friend had left the house for the birthday party. She was even close to the venue when she realized she forgot her phone at her boyfriend’s house. This prompted her to go back to get her phone. On getting back to the house, she met her boyfriend sleeping with another lady.

Her boyfriend must have assumed that it was either she was at the birthday party already or getting close to the venue, thus, he invited another lady.

Seeing another lady on the bed with her boyfriend whom she just left shortly, made her freak out.

My own friend told me she learned they still had sex that afternoon before the girlfriend dressed for the birthday party. So she didn’t expect a guy man to invite another lady for sex again. Poor girl. 

Truth be told, the worst mistake you can ever make as a lady, is to open your body for a man you are not married to, to use it “anyhow”, all in the name of “a man loves premium sex,”

The assumption that giving it to him back to back won’t make him look or ask for it elsewhere is a fallacy. If you belong to that school of thought, OYO is your case ooo.

Yes, men love sex,  but we can never get satisfied.

It takes a disciplined man to train his mind and remain focused after having an affair with his partner. 

However, as a lady who wants to remain relevant, you must place some values on yourself.

Sometimes be reserved. It makes men want more of you. 

Finally, the earlier you realize that you can’t keep a man with sex, the better for you.

My one cent.

This content is written by Olumide Abimbola.

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