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Olumide Abimbola's Article w - TRH

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There was a particular guy who lived in my vicinity in Ibadan a long time ago.

He was so fortunate to have acquired wealth at an early stage in his life which made him stand out amongst his peers. He traveled from one country to the other to discuss business, seal transactions and have fun.

This made him a subject of discussion amongst his peers. A lot of them felt really pressured, useless and thought they were not doing well for themselves, even though they were striving in their own little ways too. 

One day, a friend of this “balling” gentleman called him to ask what business he was into exactly, that was fetching him that amount of money that allows him to travel anytime he likes, wears designers of his choice, and also live like a king. He said to the guy he’s into “one small business like that” and further added that it’s God’s blessing. But he never disclosed this line of “business” to his friend. 

Another of his friends asked him the same question and he lied to him that he is into the clothing and fashion business. “If that’s the case, put me through, I want to be like you. I want to live the kind of life you are exhibiting”, his friend pleaded. He promised to show this innocent gentleman the pros and cons of the “business” after he returns from his next trip and he traveled a few days after.

His friends waited for him to return back home after some months as usual, but he never returned. He waited for about five years but he didn’t show up. 

In 2010, He was brought back from Ghana to Nigeria paralyzed! 

One of his friends (Ghanaian whom they lived together) brought him and explained to his family, that this guy stepped outside the house to pee and he fell down. He couldn’t stand up nor talk properly which was later diagnosed as a stroke. So they had to check his documents to get his house address in Nigeria and brought him back home.

At this time, his parents were late but two of his half-sisters lived in the house. They rallied around and took him to the hospital so he could be treated. They could not do much because they were not financially buoyant and before he left the house they were not on good terms. But they were left with no choice, but to look after him because he was the only child of his mother.

He was treated and attended to in the hospital for a month before they brought him home because of a lack of funds. So the only thing they do is to get local medicine from friends, family, and people that cared about him.

After seven months of trying to keep him alive and healthy, he started talking, but not properly.

One day, one of my area brothers asked me to accompany him to pay a visit and I obliged. It was when we got to the destination, I got to know it was the guy who had a stroke we came to visit.

I shed tears as he narrated his story to us. He told us he scammed people for a living. And we were eager to know how he did that. He made us understand that what he does for a living was to look for people in other countries, (Africa and Europe) who wanted to sell jewelry, gold, or diamonds and once he gets a seller he makes deposits for the goods, and the seller in turn send complete goods thinking they will get the balance once the buyer gets the goods. He added that once he gets the goods, it’s either he sent fake money as the balance for what he purchased or blocked every line of communication with the seller.

He told us that they have where they change money.

And he did this business successfully till one day when he was scammed too which resulted in a stroke for him when he couldn’t bear the shock.

He explained to us he had saved up some millions of money from the previous transactions to buy some jewelry, so he made payment for the jewelry as usual and he was expecting the goods to be delivered to him. He didn’t hear from the seller, so he put a call through, only for him to realize he’s been scammed.

He told us alcohol became his friend when the incident happened and he will drink himself to a stupor. Till the day he went to pee outside his house in Ghana and he hit his legs on the stone, tripped, and fell down.

Honestly, his story taught me some important lessons which I will like to share with you.

You can’t destroy other people’s houses and expect yours to remain standing. Never! One thing many people don’t know about God’s judgment is that sometimes some people receive their own judgment right from here on earth. Which is why we must be careful in our dealings.

Secondly, don’t envy anyone you know little or nothing about their wealth. Neither should you wish to be anyone else. 

The truth is that, if we know what many of these people we envy get themselves into or how they get their wealth we will never pray to be like them.

Finally, desist from making money in an illegitimate way. It will not last. You can’t do good with such money even if you do, you’ll be surprised how you’ll lose such money.

Yes, I understand that the country is hard and you have a lot of bills to pay, but trust me making money illegitimately or reaping off other people off their sweat will not make you wealthy or financially free. It will only damage you in the end.

Those whom you reap off their sweat might not get hold of you, but it’s just a matter of time before nemesis catches up with you, just like that guy I shared his story with.

Yes, I know you want to make money and you don’t have anyone to support you, but reaping people off their hard-earned money should never be an option for you.

Instead, work more, pray more, connect with the right people, strategize, save more, spend wisely, be contented, and see yourself do exploit. Yes, your journey will be slow, rough, and sometimes you feel tired and exhausted. But don’t give up nor compare your journey with those that hustle illegitimately.

Remember, slow and steady win the race.

So as you start a new week, work more, save more, be diligent, and don’t cut corners to make money, because if you cut corners it will cut you and your expectations in the end.

This content is written by Olumide Abimbola.

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