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There was a woman who lived on our street with her husband and co-wife back in the days. 

She was the first of the two wives and had two children, but the second wife had just a son, and they all lived together with their husbands under the same roof.

She was widely known for using curse words once there is a slight misunderstanding,  even in the neighborhood.

The worst of it all was that she was perceived to be very diabolical and people do everything possible to avoid her, even though there were no facts to back that perception up.

News broke out one day that her son had suddenly ripped his clothes off in broad daylight and he was displaying what looked like insanity in the public space.

We all thought it was just a rumor until he came around his parents’ house looking unstable. He was wild for several months when he came around and every effort to get him apprehended for medical attention never succeeded.

It didn’t take too long before the source of his predicament became public knowledge.

We heard that prior to him going haywire, his mother has been complaining of someone stealing her money in the house and she guessed it was the child of the second wife. 

Instead of doing her due diligence and making proper findings,  she went ahead to set a trap for the thief; It was a charm that will bring about instant insanity at the point of theft.

She never knew her son was the criminal and her only son is now a staunch lunatic on the streets of Ibadan, because of the evil in her heart.

It’s always detrimental to jump into unfounded conclusions sometimes because there might be more than meets the eye.

Before you point accusing fingers or take delicate steps, be sure you have your verified facts so you don’t end up becoming the victim.

No matter how aggrieved you are, let patience rule in the deepest part of your heart, and do not act by impulse; Especially when you are considering very fatal actions.

Take your time to pursue the truth so that you don’t dig your own pit with your own carelessness. 

This content is written by Olumide Abimbola.

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