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Olumide Abimbola's Article r - TRH

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Two months before my wedding last year, I lost millions of money into business and in a moment it seems life has come to an end for me.

At first, I thought of canceling my wedding event and postponing it forward while I sort out myself and focus on other things that could put me back on track financially.

Having given it a thought, I decided to proceed with the wedding event but I took a break from all social my social media accounts and went into my coven to re-strategize.

Some months after my wedding, I decided to come back online and I thought to share a bit of the story of why I went offline for a long period of time with my audience.

So having shared a bit of the story of my challenges during the period I wasn’t online, someone who happens to be an Area sister to me while growing up saw my post on my WhatsApp status, and I was disappointed by what she had to say.

In her words, “Maybe you lost the money because you didn’t pay your TITHES.”

For me, I find this statement laughable, annoying, and at the same time very insensitive.

I was talking about losing a fortune in business, you are talking about TITHES. That’s how insensitive people can be. 

To set the record straight, I have never paid my tithes before and I don’t intend paying at all because I don’t believe in it. 

In fact, people who are close to me know that I don’t pay tithes. Unlike my wife, she doesn’t joke with her tithes. In fact, she belongs to the group of people who give their first fruit to the Church. And I don’t have issues with that because she believed in it.

I give my own tithes to people who truly and genuinely need them. The needy.

It’s my belief that the country is tough for everyone and the best I can do is to look around me, and help the widows struggling to put food on the table for their kids. While I extend the same hand to the kids on the streets with no hope of where their next meal will come from or where to lay their heads when the sun set. 

I am a Christ believer, not a religious person. And I believe God gave us money for a purpose. 

Just imagine what my One hundred thousand Naira (100K) tithes will do for people who struggle every day on the street of Lagos to have a meal.

Some religious fanatics tried to brainwash me in the past, but they all left me alone because they realized early enough that I am too smart and sensible for them.

They can’t match my energy because I will take my time and school them properly about what God instructed us to do and not what some hungry Nigerian pastors want us to do.

That said because you go to church every day or pay your tithes often doesn’t make you righteous in front of God.

I believe no one has been to heaven before. Including the people who criticize their fellow humans for dressing or wearing a particular dress. Because people choose to live their life without fear or do things that please them and make them happy doesn’t make them unrighteous.

Only God knows who is worthy and righteous. It’s why the Bible admonished us to “serve God in truth and spirit.”

But it’s rather unfortunate that in Nigeria today, to serve God is more expensive than buying matches in the next house. Because of gullible, insensitive, and religious bigots parading around God’s sanctuary.

The truth is that these people know their onions and know how to peel them. They simply leverage on poor Economy. They are very much aware that people are struggling to make ends meet, thus the fake prophecy that your great grandfather who couldn’t save his own soul and died many years ago long before you were born is responsible for your lack of cash.

The truth is, if Nigeria’s Economy is well balanced many of these people who parade around as prophets will be tapping palm wine somewhere in their village.

Because it will be difficult for the poor masses who have a steady source of income and enough money to take care of their children’s hospital bills or any other bills whatsoever that someone somewhere is the architect of their predicaments.

In fact, I have come to realize that the major problem with many Nigerians is “lack of money” not spiritual problems like many of these end-time pastors claimed.

Back to the tithes issues, I don’t have issues with people who pay tithes to the church. If you feel it’s the right thing for you to do, do it.

But going around to tell people who lost money, people with health challenges,s or having downtime in their businesses, marriages, and academics that their predicament is a result of not paying tithes or because they don’t go to church often as much as you do or you expect, is a false preaching.

No human living here on earth knows who will make Heaven or go to hell. The kingdom of God is a personal race. It’s not about how often you go to church or pay your tithes.

Yes, it’s good to donate for church building, because this is where people gather to worship, feel blessed and feel relieved of their burdens by listening to the “truths” and “true” word of God.

Finally, do whatever makes you happy. If you are the type who prefers to go to church every day to cast and kill the devil when you are supposed to be in your place of work or bidding for contracts, do it with all your heart.

That’s what you believe in, just don’t disturb others with your beliefs.

Because in the end, those who you feel are less worthy and unrighteous still serve the same God you serve.

The amazing thing about this God is that, He’s a loving father, so compassionate, dependable, and ever willing to ease us of our burden.

So whatever you choose to do with your life, and the money God blessed you with is your personal decision. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad or brainwash you that you will not progress if you don’t pay particular money to the church.

How often you go to church or how regularly you pay your tithe doesn’t guarantee your ticket to heaven.

Do well to have a personal relationship with God and win souls to his kingdom then watch “God” not Pastors show you mercy at the end of your journey here on earth.

Please, this is “my own opinion” and it’s ok for you to disagree with my opinion. 

This content is written by Olumide Abimbola 

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