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I know of a guy who made money at an early stage in life but lost everything within a short period of time, because of peer pressure and he was also of the opinion that more will definitely come from where he got the one he was squandering. 

Opportunity they say, comes once, but some get it more than once. However, when an opportunity comes your way, make use of it as none will ever show up again.

These days, many people abuse opportunity a lot, because it didn’t come in the big way they envisaged. Opportunity is opportunity and it doesn’t matter if it’s as small as an ant or as big as an elephant. One thing that’s common among young people that makes us abuse opportunity is peer pressure and lack of contentment. 

Some people spend so much energy focusing more on other people’s lives and success, that they fail to realize the opportunity within their own territory.

This is why I always strongly advise people to be contented and doggedly focused on their own lives rather than chasing shadows.

Don’t let anyone rush you with their “success”. You know where you are coming from, so if you don’t want your background to keep your back to the ground, you need to set standards for yourself. Know what you want in life and pursue it relentlessly.

Another thing you should do is build structure because it will help you stay focused and help you build a long-lasting legacy. 

Yes, oppression will come from friends, especially in this social media age where people flaunt their fake and original wins, but don’t allow it to get to you such that you will compromise your standards.

While others are building a bungalow with few rooms, channel your energy into building a mansion with plenty of rooms. It’s you that knows what you are building; no distractions! 

Lastly, don’t pluck your fruits when it’s not ripe. Remember, you came to this world alone, so the only person you should impress or compete with is you, not even your twin brother or sister

If you belong to some type of caucus that makes you feel less of who you are, or they expect you to be cashing out like them while you’re building your own empire gradually, exit with speed. Success is sweet but it’s sweeter when it lasts for a long time.

So, if you are still struggling with your finance, you have no business buying things for temporary pleasure. Rather, save more and invest in things that will bear everlasting fruits for you.

Finally, don’t compare your life journey with those that are roaming around the neighborhood. Your goals and destination are different.

Dare to do something different about your dreams today.

You know I am always rooting for you.

This content is written by Olumide Abimbola.

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