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Important Announcement from The Roothub!!!

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In the wake of the recent outbreak of the COVID – 19 Virus, We know it’s been a whirlwind couple of days in the country. The world is also facing an unprecedented challenge. As a responsible organisation, We wish to reassure our clients, trainees and residents that we are deploying adequate preventive measures to safeguard lives.

Part of the measures are:

1. Sensitization & education of staff, trainees and residents at all of our locations on the prevention of this deadly virus.

2. Emphasize respiratory etiquette and proper hygiene through the provision of hand sanitizers in entry/exit locations of our workplaces, while ensuring that adequate supplies are maintained throughout this period.

3. The Roothub will continue to maintain our flexible policies that permit employees to work from home and take sick leaves and can utilise the Roothub app for collaboration.

4. Gradual reduction of physical activities and our move to our online learning platform

While we await further directives from the Government, We encourage people to please remain calm and follow the prescribed protocol to remain safe.

Peculiar Tagbo
Peculiar Tagbo

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