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Goodbye January, Hello February!!


February .*tests mic*

We finally stepped out of the 100 days of January. Year dn dy go so ooo!

It’s no longer news that quite a number of people set goals and plans for the year, you know the usual “New year resolutions”. The month of January is usually referred to as the “trial month for the year”

If you are trying to be intentional as regards your goals for the year, then you should probably start working on them right away. The year is still not far gone so can we toast to a productive year!!

One of the focal points of the Roothub is to acquaint more people with what technology can do for them. This involves digital skills training which goes a long way in defining their career path, improving their business processes and simplifying life for them.

This goal gave birth to one of our key programs Tech 101. This program has successfully engaged over 11,000 people and even counting and guess what? We are not relenting on this until we tech over communities one at a time.

The Community has successfully held tech 101 training at the HQ for so long that it’s become a part of us. We kicked off the first edition of the many editions to come for Tech 101 for the year 2020 in Uyo and Port Harcourt with a total number of 98 people certified.

It’s amazing to see what these people of different ages can do in just 2 weeks of training.

One of the high points of the training was a young man building his website with his Smartphone! The young lad who impressed everyone was immediately taken in as an intern at the hub.

We are so proud of the 94 persons who got trained during this edition This is more than a pat on the shoulder for the team of persons who trained these guys as testimonials are still pouring in from our social stream. 

To see some of these testimonials, please use the hashtag #wearetheroothub and #tech101.

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Peculiar Tagbo
Peculiar Tagbo

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