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Go Digital with The Roothub is live at Pegasus Lounge, Uyo.

We are LIVE at Pegasus Lounge, Udoudoma Avenue Uyo, Akwa Ibom to preach the gospel of digital skills and how it has come to stay, as part of our daily activities.

Play Games, Learn, have fun & Win Prizes.

Come join us, Entry is FREE! It was a great experience preaching the gospel of digital skills in unexpected places and receiving lots of positive feedback from the audience at Pegasus Lounge, Uyo.

It was both fun and educating.

Congrats to those who won Roothub Swags and Freebies.

Join our community: to enjoy free digital skills and more freebies!

Coming to a place near you!

#wearetheroothub #GoDigital #StartConFest20

Naomi Frank
Naomi Frank

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