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The Roothub Uyo
Akees Plaza, Opp Ibom Hall, IBB Avenue, Uyo.
Phone: +234 818 6880 009
Port Harcourt
Maxxy Plaza, SARS Road by Rukpokwu, Big Treat, Obio Akpor, Port Harcourt.
Phone: +234 818 6880 009

Frequently Asked Questions

On our Frequently Asked Questions session, we will be looking at digital skills one can learn.

The digital age is expanding into all areas of our lives, and it is not just those who work in IT that will need to be alert of this change. This means that there is a growing need for one to acquire some of this skills. Let’s look at some skills you can learn at the hub;

1. Programming/Web Development

2. Digital Design

3. Digital Marketing

4. Content Development

5. Digital Project Management

6. Social Media Marketing & Engagement

7. Data Visualization

8. Computer Fundamentals and a host of others.

Take action today by signing up for training call 08092427901 or visit #wearetheroothub

2. How Long does a course take?

Digital skills are important not just for individuals but also for the wider economy. They boost the productivity of people in work, help improve the chances of unemployed people to find jobs.

At the hub, we run courses from 2 weeks-3 months giving you a wide range of courses to boost your knowledge. We can customize your learning schedule to fit your convenience, offering private tutoring, business location classes and virtual learning.

3. How Practical is Our Training?

With our hands-on approach, we offer the student the opportunity to adapt what she or he has learned in practice and develop professionally. Our classes are small, interactive and project-based, breaking down the subject matter in a fun relaxed atmosphere.

4. How difficult are the classes?

Being practical eliminates fear of mistakes and ability to learn. We go over topics and modules to be sure you know in-depth what you need to learn. So with a lot of practice, our classes are not difficult starting from the basics through intermediate and then on to advanced classes.

5. Is the training cost affordable?

Money plays an important role in taking a course at the hub but not to worry, our prices are quite affordable. From totally free to N20k per month trainings, we have you covered.

Why not join our training programme today? Call 08092427901 or visit


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