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Changing media Consumption - TRH

Over the years, the Nigerian media consumption pattern in a way has changed for good. The rising popularity of digital media across the nation,has had a major impact on the way Nigerian consumers access media daily.

In the past, when an average Nigerian would depend solely on Television and Radio for soap operas, news, advertisements and educating content,It wasn’t an easy tale.

The days you would have to constantly turn the antenna just to get a clearer transmission.
Not to talk of the times you would have to wait for prime time, where everyone would gather for news just so you can know what is happening within and outside of your locale.


But here we are, with a slide of a finger, you send and receive messages, access information, relate with your loved ones, and also transact business digitally.

Is technology not an enabler?

According to “Visual Capitalist”, in 2021 collective media consumption continues its upward trajectory and is set to be at the highest it has ever been.

“Mobile usage has grown in the last decade from average daily use of 45 minutes to a staggering 252 minutes”. With figures growing, we may not have reached the peak yet, but who knows what will become of it”.

Fingers crossed!

Picture source: Visual Capitalist

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