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Celebrating Roothub’s 6th anniversary – A new chapter

Roothub 6th year anniversary. Celebrating Roothub's 6th anniversary
Roothub 6th year anniversary.


Every book has a beginning and each chapter of that book has a different story or direction. This is what makes a book interesting and captures the minds of the readers. In telling The RootHub story, it would probably be a story of perseverance, passion, service, and victory, sprinkled with the numerous losses, downtimes, and challenges that makes a story a good one. Books achieve certain effects, such as moving us, inspiring us to wonder, or ultimately, to motivate one. The intricacies of running a business in Nigeria with the myriad challenges life throws at us, is our story.


An idea that emanated from bringing different young people together in one space has grown to accommodate more than just the young, physically and virtually. It has become a movement of sorts, with the focus on providing a sound foundation for the members to build upon in their chosen career paths. The Roothub has expanded its boundaries to service the youths of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, through various projects and initiatives focused on changing the negative narratives. 

It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s Superman

DC Comics

Some might argue that the Roothub is a technology ecosystem but we strongly believe that we are a Creative, entrepreneurial ecosystem leveraging technology to not just make our environment better, but to compete globally. This is one of the reasons why you are likely to find a Hubber attempt complex problems, confidently armed with critical thinking skills. From an initial 10 persons in a small confined space in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, the dream has grown to a community of 13,000+ with multiple locations and impact footprints across Rivers, Edo, Delta, Cross River states.

Celebrating Roothub’s 6th anniversary

Browse through the hashtag #tech101 of amazing testimonials from various beneficiaries of our Business development, Technology industry, and Digital skills training programs. Take a tour of our locations and feel the energy pulsing through startups and businesses accommodated at the premises, sparked by the creative environment of our office spaces and the perks that come with it, rwhich educes the heavy burden of running a business. Our digital platforms (available via Google Playstore, Apple store), enables collaboration and a communal lifestyle for a large percentage of the population overcoming the barrier of geographic locations and access.

A day at the Roothub Uyo, Port Harcourt PH. Celebrating Roothub's 6th anniversary
A day at the Roothub Uyo, Port Harcourt PH.

Our celebration isn’t that in Chapter 6, we’ve added more numbers to the community…Yes, we have, but our success stories are the numerous young people shaped by the hub and are now established in diverse fields, waving the excellence flags in their achievements and the resultant multiplier effect…That is our motivation.

And We begin chapter 6 by celebrating these success stories!

Roothub partners Google, IBM, AKEES, build a tech, relearn by CCHUB, AYAYA foundation, LiftHub calabar Celebrating The Roothub's 6th anniversary in Uyo & Ph
Roothub partners Google, IBM, AKEES, build a tech, relearn by CCHUB, AYAYA foundation, LiftHub calabar

We believe a better world evolves via the combined efforts of
creative & committed individuals focused on a common purpose.

Ogoluwa Ojewale
Ogoluwa Ojewale

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