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With A live-tutor platform by The Roothub, you can learn professional courses from the comfort of your homes or offices and get globally recognized certification to advance your career, or maybe start a remote job (as an additional stream of income). Our tutors will guide you through these courses, helping you to understand the concepts better, and pass the professional exams using your phone!

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Roothub PLUG IN is back!

PLUG IN is Back!
The free meetup is where industry experts come to share their experiences as well as opportunities in the digital economy. This Wednesday by 2pm, Let’s Plug into Digital Marketing with the Roothub’s Alumni Idongesit Inuk

Idongesit Inuk manages content marketing at Poptin, a SaaS product-led company, where she’s responsible for creating captivating content that attracts and engages her audience.

Prior to this role, she crafted stories and content at Anakle, a creative marketing agency specializing in building experiences for offline and online audiences. During her tenure at Anakle, she collaborated with her team to develop marketing campaigns for local and global companies in the fintech, healthcare, energy, FMCG, and telecommunications sectors.

Idongesit commenced her career as a lawyer, focusing on commercial and litigious transactions before transitioning into digital marketing.

You can reserve a seat by sending a WhatsApp message to 08092427901 #wearetheroothub

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Inside Higher Education Study Details

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Olumide Abimbola’s Article r

Two months before my wedding last year, I lost millions of money into business and in a moment it seems life has come to an end for me. At first, I thought of canceling my wedding event and postponing it forward while I sort out myself and focus on other things that could put me […]

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Olumide Abimbola’s Article q

Some time ago, there was a lady who lived two streets away from my house in Lagos. She had a friend whom she pays visits in one of the BQ in my compound. Each time she comes around to see her friend and we bump into each other, we just exchange greetings. So there was […]

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Olumide Abimbola’s Article w

There was a particular guy who lived in my vicinity in Ibadan a long time ago. He was so fortunate to have acquired wealth at an early stage in his life which made him stand out amongst his peers. He traveled from one country to the other to discuss business, seal transactions and have fun. […]

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Olumide Abimbola’s Article t

There was a woman who lived on our street with her husband and co-wife back in the days.  She was the first of the two wives and had two children, but the second wife had just a son, and they all lived together with their husbands under the same roof. She was widely known for […]

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Olumide Abimbola’s Article n

I know of a guy who made money at an early stage in life but lost everything within a short period of time, because of peer pressure and he was also of the opinion that more will definitely come from where he got the one he was squandering.  Opportunity they say, comes once, but some […]

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