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Work spaces and idea labs with ammenities and resources.
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General Education and Industry specific classes/courses.
TECH 101
During tech 101
Heard of TECH 101?
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You will be learning full stack web development- HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, JS libraries & frameworks, Dev tools, user experience, responsive design, Graphics design, Digital Marketing, and lots more after which you get to demo your works & learn how to be a freelance professional to earn money.#TECH101 is already helping several young persons in #AkwaIbom master this skills.
Alert Nigeria
Alert Nigeria
Excerpts from the induction ceremony. #TECH101
Alert Nigeria with Iboro Otu and Akan Ebong received the young persons sponsored for the #TECH101 Program The RootHub today. They were enjoined to be dedicated, focused and hardworking to achieve success in the near future. The programme aims to equip young persons with the necessary skills to compete globally as well as work remotely or as a freelancer.
Code Camp
30 Languages, 100 Campers, 4 certs
This big idea or project that is set to disrupt the startup sphere, is birthed here. Tools and resources and a great idea building process is avaliable for anyone to take advantage to better our world. These trainings are offered to fastrack the idea growth process.
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